Relocating To A Rural Area

People that have demanding jobs often look ways to relax on their spare time. While large cities can provide a wide range of entertainment, it usually cannot offer wide green spaces and moments of silence that help with recharging our batteries.

Since most jobs are within big cities and prices for housing are high the closer you are to the center, many people choose to live on the outskirts in a more calm and cheap environment. This however takes a toll on some because of the long hours of commuting done every day, which can be quite stressful.


Some people have the luxury of working from home. There are a lot of jobs in these times that require only an internet connection and a computer. Writers, programmers or certain consultants can work easily from the comfort of their own house and avoid office related madness. Given the fact that very little face time is required a long drive once every other week is better than doing it on a daily basis. This is also a reason why people that don’t need an office to do their work every day will often decide to move in a more rural area. With pricing even lower than in the city outskirts, it is easier to purchase a more spacious property while spending a sum incredibly lower than that of a cramped up city apartment.

Not all jobs however can be as easily carried out from remote locations. A doctor for instance has to always be able to be at work in a matter of minutes, while an attorney needs to be in constant contact with his clients and attend on meetings. Jobs that are of low income are also not good in combination with relocating. When the cost of long distance commuting doesn’t leave you with enough money, it is not worth making the effort. Since most rural areas are well within a few hours of the cities, most jobs do not allow for relocating. Having to drive like 8 hours a day and put in 8 more at work, really doesn’t leave you with time to enjoy your new home.

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Working in a more secluded place, away from the mass majority of the population is not a luxury all find attractive though. A lot of people say that they miss going out to movies, restaurants, pubs and shopping centers. Also a great deal of events related to sports or concerts usually happen in the city which is why some prefer to remain there just to make it easier to attend. Not everyone can give up on a highly active social life for peace and quiet. Seeing as opinions are different from case to case, what everyone ultimately agrees on are the benefits of spending less on a house, this being of great significance in countries that have high demand and low supply on living spaces.